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About Me

Me looking scruffy
  • Education: I am currently a PhD student at Brigham Young University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. During my time at BYU I have had the privilege to be an officer and president of BYU Linux Club, an intern at SUSE Linux, and a veteran of the IMMERSE research program.

  • Work History: I have worked in various positions from a janitor in a butcher shop to a research assistant in the NET Lab at BYU with several stints as a web dev, sys admin, and tech support specialist along the way.

  • Hobbies: I love tinkering around with microcontroller projects, fun peripherals, and hacking both hardware and software. When I am not perusing Stackoverflow, ricing my distro, or watching YouTube tutorials, I can be found making different types of pastries and meals with my lovely wife Hannah or exploring different parts of Southern Utah.

  • Accomplishments: I have worked on many projects that I have found to be rewarding and fun at the same time:

    • The SSS project, which took first prize at the BYU IT&C Raspberry Pi Competition 2022, gained some recognition on Reddit with an article on Hackaday, and will be making an appearance at PyCon US 2023.
    • Wally, an autonomous seeker robot, competed at the MWRC Spring 2022 but sadly did not place, I still count it as an accomplishment nonetheless.
    • The Bomb, a puzzle box with several booby traps, appeared in its two iterations at both OpenWest 2018 and OpenWest 2019 respectively.


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