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The shell is the program that allows a user or another program to interface with the operating system’s internal services and system programs. In a Unix-based system (i.e. any Linux Distribution (or distro for short), mac OS, OpenBSD, etc.) the base shell is normally accessed through the terminal; in any NT-based operating system (anything Windows) the base shell is access through the command line (cmd). The graphical user interface (GUI) of an operating system could technically be considered a shell as well, but does not easily allow for the automation repetitive tasks, and thus is a little useless in power computing or harnessing the full potential of your computer. If you are interested in learning more about different types of GUIs, this article is a good read and can help you prettify your distro! But if you are interested in tackling the the terminal and become proficient in your shell abilities, this is definitely a good place to start.

Why should I use the shell?

There are a number of different reasons why using the shell is advantageous in power computing, especially when creating specialized systems centered around your own custom software or setup. If you ask the average Linux user why bothering with the terminal is important, you’ll likely hear some of these reasons:

  • It’s faster
  • It’s more powerful (i.e. batch operations, such as deleting multiple files with a specific pattern, etc.)
  • Facilitates automation (i.e. scheduled tasks, scripting, etc.)
  • Easy remote access
  • You look like a cool hacker 😎

While all of these reasons are valid and should definitely be pursued, using the shell in a research environment requires a more in-depth exposure. Although this may sound intimidating at first, with a little time and Googling, a mastery of the shell will allow you to:

  • Understand the inner workings of most operating systems
  • Design intelligent systems
  • Open horizons into hardware hacking/integration
  • Sound like a cool hacker 😎💻

Choose your weapon

Fast-forwarding through a dry and nerdy explanation of who made what shell and why that is super exciting, we will take a look at the current popular shell programs that exist at the time of this writing. What? You can change your shell? Why would I even want to do that when what I use right now works perfectly well? All very valid questions. Maybe I can convince you with two pictures:

Here we have the default shell in Ubuntu 20.04:

Path GUI

This is using the vanilla (i.e, not plugins added or preferences changed) Bourne Again SHell (bash).

Next up we have the shell configuration I personally use (still in Ubuntu 20.04):

Path GUI

This is using the Z Shell (zsh, pronounced ‘zeesh’) with the Powerlevel10k theme on Oh My Zsh, using NerdFonts for the fun glyphs. You’ll also notice an inclusion of a timestamp of the last command entered and a status icon to indicate the return code of the previous command (if everything is okay, or 0, the default glyph is the green checkmark). If these things seem more like distractions rather than enhancements or you are simply content with the basic setup, feel free to skip to the next session.

So far this just looks like a theming difference, no? Well, its this theming that allows you to enjoy some pretty powerful tools that you wouldn’t get otherwise. For example, lets do a little versus session just between vanilla bash and the my zsh setup to get an idea of some basic perks of modding your shell:

Git Repositories

In vanilla bash, it is hard to see when you are in a git repository as opposed to a normal directory:

Path GUI

This doesn’t seem like too bad of an issue, right? Wrong. Anyone who has worked with git repos will know that when you make accidental changes to files inside of a repository, it can be downright terrible to try and revert the files their previous state.

Lets compare this to the zsh setup from above with the same directory’s prompt:

Path GUI

Not only is there a little section with an icon that shows a branch and the GitHub icon, it also gives an indicator on how many uncommitted files exist without you ever needing to enter git status just to see if anything has changed.

Python Environments

This seems more like a nit-picky difference to me, but I think it is worth including just the same. Python environments are neat containers that allow you to install project-specific libraries within its own confined space. Knowing when you are in one of these environments is critical to your project seeing as you could install a library on the general system unsuccessfully and end up ruining your whole operating system as a consequence (true story).

In bash, the indicator for the pyenv is prepended to the normal prompt you get in any other directory. Though this might not be true for everyone, it was certainly easy enough for me to miss:

Path GUI

Although it is not too big of a difference, my current zsh theme takes a different approach in placing the name of the environment you are in:

Path GUI

By having the name of the pyenv in a different location, the eye is drawn to information which takes up normally empty space in the default prompt, making the fact that you are in a pyenv a little more noticable. Like I said, nit-picky, but helpful nonetheless.

Command History

In any basic shell, you can use the history command to view a buffer of all commands entered inside the shell environment. Alternatively, you can also use the up arrow to scroll through the last entered commands. For many people, this seems to work well enough, after all, it the default behavior on bash:

Path GUI

Zsh’s control of searching through command history is a little more intelligent. Instead of of just being able to scroll through command history, you can also scroll through a filtered history chronologically. All that is different is that you need to type in the desired pattern before hitting the up arrow:

Path GUI

Whether this is fascinating to you or not, these are just a few perks that come from a very specific setup. Thankfully, the opensource is vast and very creative, which means that even if these perks don’t tickle your fancy, odds are there is something that will! Below is a table of common shells that are in use today, all with their varying pros and cons. If you are feeling adventurous enough, install a few of them on your machine and see which one feels the best!

*nix-compatible Shells

Shell Description External Site
Bourne Shell (sh) The evolution of the original shell developed by Thompson (one of the authors of the C programming language). This is the most basic shell you will be greeted with when remoting into a Linux-enabled, embedded machine. Elements of this shell’s syntax are found in most others. N/A
Bourne Again SHell (bash) Shell that is used in Debian-based distros, which seems to be an enhancement of the Bourne Shell as the name denotes. This shell comes default on Ubuntu
Debian Almquist SHell (dash) Shell that is default in the Debian Linux distro. Similar to sh with few syntactical changes
TENEX C SHell (tcsh) Shell that is sh-like which is the default shell program on all BSD-based systems.
Z SHell (zsh) Enhanced version of Bourne Again Shell with a wide variety of plugins, customization including command specific history.
Korn SHell (ksh) Middle of the road between the tcsh predecessor (csh) and sh.
Friendly Interactive SHell (fish) Bash-based shell focused on user friendliness, command suggestions, and command specific auto-completion.

NOTE: In most of the pages for Linux Magic, we will be using the bash/zsh/fish/dash/sh syntax, seeing as most of these shells are the most popular and all have nearly identical syntax.

Basic Navigation

At first glance, interfacing with the shell may seem intimidating. A blank screen with only text can be daunting for many, but this should soon subside once you realize that you are basically in the folder explorer of your distro. To confirm where you are at, type in pwd (short for print working directory). Hitting Enter after typing the command in will return the path of your directory, or the list of parent folders for the folder you are currently in. For example, if I were using the file browser and I went to the top-most or root (/) directory, and then went to look for my home folder, the list of successive folders from root to the home folder in the browser could look something like this:

Path GUI

Here you can see that the home folder is expanded and my user folder kchristm is visible. When in the terminal if I type in pwd right after opening the terminal, the folder I should be in by default is my home directory. The output of my command is:


Pretty straightforward, no?

Checking folder contents

But simply knowing where you are in the file system isn’t super useful all by itself. After all, directories (or folders) are just containers. It’s what’s in them that is more interesting to us. To see the contents of a directory, we will type in ls which will list the folder’s contents:

7_Segment_Array_Display_Clock.ino             powerlevel10k
apps                               hillcrest_elementary.csv  Public
Desktop                            lindon_pioneer_ln.csv     seven_seg.png
dev                                Music                     snap
Documents                          oak_hills.csv             Templates
Downloads                          orem_firehouse.csv
EAGLE                              out.txt                   Videos
edgemont.csv                       pico
env                                Pictures

This is where the shell starts to become interesting. ls (much like pwd) is a command, and each command has flags or special options that come after a hyphen which allow for some special functionalities. Lets go ahead and use the l flag after ls and see what it does:

ls -l
total 180784
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm    20499 Jun  2 13:52 7_Segment_Array_Display_Clock.ino
drwxrwxr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 13:08 apps
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 13:08 Desktop
drwxrwxr-x  8 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 10:23 dev
drwxr-xr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 Jun  2 11:22 Documents
drwxr-xr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 26 08:37 Downloads
drwxrwxr-x 10 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 26 08:58 EAGLE
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 28478118 May 25 13:21 edgemont.csv
drwxrwxr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 18 12:16 env
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm      518 May 25 13:20
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 35316584 May 25 13:15 hillcrest_elementary.csv
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 33929904 May 25 13:15 lindon_pioneer_ln.csv
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Music
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 29502077 May 25 13:16 oak_hills.csv
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 31997247 May 25 13:16 orem_firehouse.csv
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 25575881 Mar  9 23:22 out.txt
drwxrwxr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 12:55 pico
drwxr-xr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 12:53 Pictures
drwxr-xr-x  6 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 18:01 powerlevel10k
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Public
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm   214841 May 26 09:00 seven_seg.png
drwxr-xr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 15:50 snap
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Templates
-rwxrwxr-x  1 kchristm kchristm      763 May 23 02:22
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Videos

As you can see, I have practically the same output. It’s still just the contents of my working directory. But as you have probably noticed, they have been displayed in a list. Other interesting bits of information such as the permissions of each file or folder, to whom its belongs and their corresponding group, and other metadata is displayed as well.

Flags can also be compounded together. For example, in ls, the a flag shows all the files in a directory (including the hidden files). Now when I type in ls -la , I will see all the files in a list format:

ls -la
total 181104
drwxr-xr-x 31 kchristm kchristm     4096 Jun  2 16:02 .
drwxr-xr-x  4 root     root         4096 May 17 16:14 ..
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm    20499 Jun  2 13:52 7_Segment_Array_Display_Clock.ino
drwxrwxr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 13:08 apps
-rw-------  1 kchristm kchristm      314 Jun  2 11:22 .bash_history
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm      220 May 17 16:14 .bash_logout
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm     3771 May 17 16:14 .bashrc
drwxr-xr-x 22 kchristm kchristm     4096 Jun  2 15:53 .cache
drwxr-xr-x 26 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 11:43 .config
drwxrwxr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 15:51 .dart
drwxrwxr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 15:51 .dartServer
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 13:08 Desktop
drwxrwxr-x  8 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 10:23 dev
drwxr-xr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 Jun  2 11:22 Documents
drwxr-xr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 26 08:37 Downloads
drwxrwxr-x 10 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 26 08:58 EAGLE
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 28478118 May 25 13:21 edgemont.csv
drwxrwxr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 18 12:16 env
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm       78 May 25 15:51 .flutter
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm      518 May 25 13:20
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm       56 May 20 10:05 .gitconfig
drwx------  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 13:14 .gnupg
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 35316584 May 25 13:15 hillcrest_elementary.csv
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 33929904 May 25 13:15 lindon_pioneer_ln.csv
drwxr-xr-x  5 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 11:55 .local
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm       85 May 25 09:57 .~lock.out.csv#
drwx------  5 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:24 .mozilla
drwxrwxr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 20 11:57 .mume
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Music
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 29502077 May 25 13:16 oak_hills.csv
drwxr-xr-x 12 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 18:00 .oh-my-zsh
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 31997247 May 25 13:16 orem_firehouse.csv
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm 25575881 Mar  9 23:22 out.txt
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm    88528 May 17 18:02 .p10k.zsh
drwxrwxr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 28 12:55 pico
drwxr-xr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 12:53 Pictures
drwx------  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:51 .pki
drwxr-xr-x  6 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 18:01 powerlevel10k
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm      807 May 17 16:14 .profile
drwxrwxr-x  6 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 15:51 .pub-cache
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Public
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm   214841 May 26 09:00 seven_seg.png
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm       10 May 17 18:00 .shell.pre-oh-my-zsh
drwxr-xr-x  4 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 15:50 snap
drwx------  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 09:38 .ssh
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm        0 May 17 16:56 .sudo_as_admin_successful
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Templates
-rwxrwxr-x  1 kchristm kchristm      763 May 23 02:22
drwxr-xr-x  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:23 Videos
drwxrwxr-x  3 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 17 16:53 .vscode
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm      227 May 28 13:07 .wget-hsts
drwx------  2 kchristm kchristm     4096 May 25 15:42 .xournal
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm    49285 May 17 18:00 .zcompdump
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm    50614 Jun  2 11:20 .zcompdump-EB228-EE10901-5.8
-rw-------  1 kchristm kchristm    14366 Jun  2 16:02 .zsh_history
-rw-r--r--  1 kchristm kchristm     4256 May 17 18:02 .zshrc
-rw-rw-r--  1 kchristm kchristm       94 May 17 17:59 .zshrc.pre-oh-my-zsh 

As you can tell, there are many more files compared to our last command, and all the new ones are prepended with a . to denote they are hidden. To be able to see hidden files in the GUI explorer, you would need to go into some sort of submenu to toggle the hidden file visibility whereas here we added just another letter to our command. Immediately, we can begin to see some advantages to using the shell.

Moving Around

Now that we can believe the shell actually represents our file system, or structure in which all of our files are organized on the computer, we should probably know how to actually move between files, or change directories cd. In order to get into the dev directory from my home directory, its as simple as typing in cd and the name of the folder:

cd dev

Once we hit enter, you may not notice any change in output, but just to prove that we actually moved into our folder, we can use either pwd to verify our working directory or ls to list the contents inside the current folder.

cd dev
❯ ls  pico_stuff  pm_world_clock  pm_world_clock_client  sensor_health_analyzer  ssdd

In order to get back to our previous or parent directory, just use the .. folder to get back. What’s ..? If you noticed when we used ls -la to see all the hidden files with our visible files, you’ll note that the first two files to show are . and .. . . refers to the current or working directory. If we were to type in cd . nothing would happen seeing as you are moving to the place where you already exist:

❯ cd .pwd

.. on the other hand, refers to the parent directory, or the one right above. So if we use cd .., we should be able go back to our previous directory:

❯ cd ..
❯ pwd

You are well on your way to moving around in the shell!

Handling Files and Directories

Just as there are navigational commands which are analogues for actions in a normal file browser, there also exists such commands for actions such as renaming/moving, copying/pasting, and creating/removing files. Lets do a quick rapid-fire:


Although they might not seem super related, renaming files and moving files are handled by the same command. To move something, we will use the mv command and some arguments to the command. An argument is a required field after a command, for mv, the most basic argument configuration is mv <target file> <target directory> where the target file is the file to be moved and the target directory is where you want to put the file.

7_Segment_Array_Display_Clock.ino             Pictures
apps                               gestures_MM.img           powerlevel10k
Desktop                            hillcrest_elementary.csv  Public
dev                                lindon_pioneer_ln.csv     seven_seg.png
Documents                          Music                     snap
Downloads                          oak_hills.csv             Templates
EAGLE                              orem_firehouse.csv
edgemont.csv                       **out.txt**                   Videos
env                                pico
❯ mv out.txt dev
❯ cd dev
❯ ls  pico_stuff      pm_world_clock_client   ssdd
**out.txt**                  pm_world_clock  sensor_health_analyzer

In order to rename a file, we will mv the file to a new name instead of a new directory:

ls  pico_stuff      pm_world_clock_client   ssdd
**out.txt**                  pm_world_clock  sensor_health_analyzer
❯ mv out.txt banana.txt
❯ ls
**banana.txt**               pico_stuff      pm_world_clock_client   ssdd  pm_world_clock  sensor_health_analyzer


Copying and pasting in the terminal is one action as opposed to its GUI counter part. To copy we will use the cp command with the arguments of the source file and the output file.

cp banana.txt banana2.txt
❯ ls
**banana2.txt**              pico_stuff             sensor_health_analyzer
**banana.txt**               pm_world_clock         ssdd  pm_world_clock_client

To copy whole folders with contents inside, follow the cp -r <source folder> <target directory>


To make a new directory we use the mkdir command with the argument being the name of the new folder.

mkdir testls
banana2.txt              pico_stuff             sensor_health_analyzer
banana.txt               pm_world_clock         ssdd  pm_world_clock_client  **test**

To make a new file, we will use the touch command:

touch newfile
❯ ls
banana2.txt              **newfile**         pm_world_clock_client   test
banana.txt               pico_stuff      sensor_health_analyzer  pm_world_clock  ssdd

Notice how I didn’t include an extension after the file. In Linux, files are extension-agnostic, meaning I can give it whatever extension I want, but file will still behave based on its composition. This means a text file with a PNG extension will not be a picture and a picture with a TXT file will not be a text document.

To remove files or directories, we use the rm command. A specific rmdir command exists only to work for directories, but rm works for both, however, an r flag is needed if the directory is not empty:

banana2.txt              **newfile**         pm_world_clock_client   test
banana.txt               pico_stuff      sensor_health_analyzer  pm_world_clock  ssdd
❯ rm newfile
❯ ls
banana2.txt              pico_stuff             sensor_health_analyzer
banana.txt               pm_world_clock         ssdd  pm_world_clock_client  test

Running Programs and Commands

Running programs and opening files in the shell is about as straightforward as everything you have seen up until now. You have also probably gathered that each action you could normally do outside of the shell with your mouse has its own correlating command or low level program that executes the same function. So what available commands exist inside of the operating system? Well, technically there are several directories that you could look through such as /usr/bin or the other directories that are shown between colons when you run echo $PATH:

echo $PATH
❯ cd /usr/bin
❯ ls
'['                                   debconf-escape            gjs-console                    lastlog                            ntfsusermap                 rst2man                          unexpand
 2to3-2.7                             debconf-set-selections    gkbd-keyboard-display          lavadecode                         ntfswipe                    rst2odt                          unicode_start
 aa-enabled                           debconf-show              glib-compile-schemas           lcf                                numfmt                      rst2odt_prepstyles               unicode_stop
 aa-exec                              debian-distro-info        gnome-calculator               ld                                 nvidia-detector             rst2pseudoxml                    uniq
 aconnect                             deb-systemd-helper        gnome-calendar                 ld.bfd                             oakdecode                   rst2s5                           unity-scope-loader
 acpi_listen                          deb-systemd-invoke        gnome-characters               ldd                                obexctl                     rst2xetex                        unlink
 add-apt-repository                   deja-dup                  gnome-control-center                             objcopy                     rst2xml                          unlz4
 addpart                              delpart                   gnome-disk-image-mounter       less                               objdump                     rstart                           unlzma
 addr2line                            delv                      gnome-disks                    lessecho                           oclock                      rstartd                          unmkinitramfs
 alsabat                              desktop-file-edit         gnome-extensions               lessfile                           od                          rst-buildhtml                    unopkg
 alsaloop                             desktop-file-install      gnome-extensions-app           lesskey                            oem-getlogs                 rstpep2html                      unshare
 alsamixer                            desktop-file-validate     gnome-font-viewer              lesspipe                           on_ac_power                 rsync                            unsquashfs
 alsatplg                             devdump                   gnome-help                     lexgrog                            openssl                     rtstat                           unxz
 alsaucm                              df                        gnome-keyring                  libnetcfg                          openvt                      runcon                           unzip
 amidi                                dfu-tool                  gnome-keyring-3                libreoffice                        opldecode                   run-mailcap                      unzipsfx
 amixer                               dh_bash-completion        gnome-keyring-daemon           libwacom-list-local-devices        orca                        run-parts                        update-alternatives                         dh_installxmlcatalogs     gnome-language-selector        link                               orca-dm-wrapper             run-with-aspell                  update-desktop-database
 apg                                  dh_perl_openssl           gnome-logs                     linkicc                            os-prober                   rview                            update-manager
 apgbfm                               dh_python2                gnome-power-statistics         linux32                            p11-kit                     rygel                            update-mime-database
 aplay                                diff                      gnome-screenshot               linux64                            pacat                       rzsh                             update-notifier
 aplaymidi                            diff3                     gnome-session                  linux-boot-prober                  pacmd                       sane-find-scanner                upower
 apport-bug                           dig                       gnome-session-custom-session   linux-check-removal                pactl                       savelog                          uptime
 apport-cli                           dir                       gnome-session-inhibit          linux-update-symlinks              padsp                       sbattach                         usb-creator-gtk
 apport-collect                       dircolors                 gnome-session-properties       linux-version                      pager                       sbkeysync                        usb-devices
 apport-unpack                        dirmngr                   gnome-session-quit             listres                            pa-info                     sbsiglist                        usbhid-dump
 appres                               dirmngr-client            gnome-session-remmina          ln                                 pamon                       sbsign                           usb_printerid
 appstreamcli                         dirname                   gnome-shell                    lnstat                             paperconf                   sbvarsign                        usbreset
 apropos                              dirsplit                  gnome-shell-extension-prefs    loadkeys                           paplay                      sbverify                         users
 apt                                  distro-info               gnome-shell-extension-tool     loadunimap                         parec                       scanimage                        utmpdump
 apt-add-repository                   dmesg                     gnome-shell-perf-tool          localc                             parecord                    scp                              uuidgen
 apt-cache                            dmypy                     gnome-system-monitor           locale                             partx                       scp-dbus-service                 uuidparse
 apt-cdrom                            dnsdomainname             gnome-terminal                 locale-check                       passwd                      screendump                       uz
 apt-config                           domainname                gnome-terminal.real            localectl                          paste                       script                           vdir
 aptdcon                              do-release-upgrade        gnome-terminal.wrapper         localedef                          pasteurize                  scriptreplay                     vi
 apt-extracttemplates                 dpkg                      gnome-text-editor              lodraw                             pasuspender                 sdiff                            view
 apt-ftparchive                       dpkg-architecture         gnome-thumbnail-font           loffice                            patch                       sdptool                          viewres
 apt-get                              dpkg-buildflags           gnome-todo                     lofromtemplate                     pathchk                     seahorse                         vim.tiny
 apt-key                              dpkg-buildpackage         gnome-tweaks                   logger                             pax11publish                sed                              virtualenv
 apt-mark                             dpkg-checkbuilddeps       gnome-www-browser              logilab-pytest                     pdb2                        see                              vmstat
 apt-sortpkgs                         dpkg-deb                  gold                           login                              pdb2.7                      select-default-iwrap             vmwarectrl
 apturl                               dpkg-distaddfile          google-chrome                  loginctl                           pdb3                        select-editor                    volname
 apturl-gtk                           dpkg-divert               google-chrome-stable           logname                            pdb3.8                      sensible-browser                 vstp
 ar                                   dpkg-genbuildinfo         gpasswd                        loimpress                          pdf2dsc                     sensible-editor                  w
 arch                                 dpkg-genchanges           gpg                            lomath                             pdf2ps                      sensible-pager                   wall
 arecord                              dpkg-gencontrol           gpg-agent                      look                               pdfattach                   seq                              watch
 arecordmidi                          dpkg-gensymbols           gpgcompose                     lorder                             pdfdetach                   session-migration                watchgnupg
 arm2hpdl                             dpkg-maintscript-helper   gpgconf                        loweb                              pdffonts                    sessreg                          wc
 arm-none-eabi-addr2line              dpkg-mergechangelogs      gpg-connect-agent              lowntfs-3g                         pdfimages                   setarch                          wdctl
 arm-none-eabi-ar                     dpkg-name                 gpgparsemail                   lowriter                           pdfinfo                     setfacl                          wget
 arm-none-eabi-as                     dpkg-parsechangelog       gpgsm                          lp                                 pdfseparate                 setfont                          whatis
 arm-none-eabi-c++                    dpkg-query                gpgsplit                       lpoptions                          pdfsig                      setkeycodes                      whereis
 arm-none-eabi-c++filt                dpkg-scanpackages         gpgtar                         lpq                                pdftocairo                  setleds                          which
 arm-none-eabi-cpp                    dpkg-scansources          gpgv                           lpr                                pdftohtml                   setlogcons                       whiptail
 arm-none-eabi-elfedit                dpkg-shlibdeps            gpg-wks-server                 lprm                               pdftoppm                    setmetamode                      who
 arm-none-eabi-g++                    dpkg-source               gpg-zip                        lp_solve                           pdftops                     setpci                           whoami
 arm-none-eabi-gcc                    dpkg-split                gpic                           lpstat                             pdftotext                   setpriv                          whoopsie
 arm-none-eabi-gcc-9.2.1              dpkg-statoverride         gprof                          ls                                 pdfunite                    setsid                           whoopsie-preferences
 arm-none-eabi-gcc-ar                 dpkg-trigger              gpu-manager                    lsattr                             peekfd                      setterm                          word-list-compress
 arm-none-eabi-gcc-nm                 dpkg-vendor               grep                           lsblk                              perl                        setupcon                         wpa_passphrase
 arm-none-eabi-gcc-ranlib             driverless                gresource                      lsb_release                        perl5.30.0                  setxkbmap                        w.procps
 arm-none-eabi-gcov                   du                        groff                          lscpu                              perl5.30-x86_64-linux-gnu   sftp                             write
 arm-none-eabi-gcov-dump              dumpkeys                  grog                           lshw                               perlbug                     sg                               X
 arm-none-eabi-gcov-tool              duplicity                 grops                          lsinitramfs                        perldoc                     sh                               X11
 arm-none-eabi-gprof                  dvipdf                    grotty                         lsipc                              perli11ndoc                 sha1sum                          x11perf
 arm-none-eabi-ld                     dwp                       groups                         lslocks                            perlivp                     sha224sum                        x11perfcomp
 arm-none-eabi-ld.bfd                 echo                      grub-editenv                   lslogins                           perlthanks                  sha256sum                        x86_64
 arm-none-eabi-nm                     ed                        grub-file                      lsmem                              pf2afm                      sha384sum                        x86_64-linux-gnu-addr2line
 arm-none-eabi-objcopy                edit                      grub-fstest                    lsmod                              pfbtopfa                    sha512sum                        x86_64-linux-gnu-ar
 arm-none-eabi-objdump                editor                    grub-glue-efi                  lsns                               pftp                        shasum                           x86_64-linux-gnu-as
 arm-none-eabi-ranlib                 editres                   grub-kbdcomp                   lsof                               pgrep                       shotwell                         x86_64-linux-gnu-c++filt
 arm-none-eabi-readelf                efibootdump               grub-menulst2cfg               lspci                              pic                         showconsolefont                  x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp
 arm-none-eabi-size                   efibootmgr                grub-mkfont                    lspgpot                            pico                        showkey                          x86_64-linux-gnu-cpp-9
 arm-none-eabi-strings                egrep                     grub-mkimage                   lsusb                              piconv                      showrgb                          x86_64-linux-gnu-dwp
 arm-none-eabi-strip                  eject                     grub-mklayout                  ltrace                             pidof                       shred                            x86_64-linux-gnu-elfedit
 as                                   elfedit                   grub-mknetdir                  luit                               pinentry                    shuf                             x86_64-linux-gnu-g++
 aseqdump                             enc2xs                    grub-mkpasswd-pbkdf2           lwp-download                       pinentry-curses             simple-scan                      x86_64-linux-gnu-g++-9
 aseqnet                              encguess                  grub-mkrelpath                 lwp-dump                           pinentry-gnome3             size                             x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc
 aspell                               enchant-2                 grub-mkrescue                  lwp-mirror                         pinentry-x11                skill                            x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-9
 aspell-import                        enchant-lsmod-2           grub-mkstandalone              lwp-request                        ping                        slabtop                          x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar
 atobm                                env                       grub-mount                     lz                                 ping4                       slack                            x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ar-9
 avahi-browse                         envsubst                  grub-ntldr-img                 lz4                                ping6                       sleep                            x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm
 avahi-browse-domains                 eog                       grub-render-label              lz4c                               pinky                       slogin                           x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-nm-9
 avahi-publish                        eps2eps                   grub-script-check              lz4cat                             pip                         slxdecode                        x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib
 avahi-publish-address                epylint                   grub-syslinux2cfg              lzcat                              pip3                        smproxy                          x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc-ranlib-9
 avahi-publish-service                eqn                       gs                             lzcmp                              pkaction                    snap                             x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov
 avahi-resolve                        esc-m                     gsbj                           lzdiff                             pkcheck                     snapctl                          x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-9
 avahi-resolve-address                eutp                      gsdj                           lzegrep                            pkcon                       snapfuse                         x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump
 avahi-resolve-host-name              evince                    gsdj500                        lzfgrep                            pkexec                      snice                            x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-dump-9
 avahi-set-host-name                  evince-previewer          gsettings                      lzgrep                             pkg-config                  soelim                           x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool
 awk                                  evince-thumbnailer        gslj                           lzless                             pkill                       soffice                          x86_64-linux-gnu-gcov-tool-9
 axfer                                ex                        gslp                           lzma                               pkmon                       software-properties-gtk          x86_64-linux-gnu-gold
 b2sum                                expand                    gsnd                           lzmainfo                           pkttyagent                  sort                             x86_64-linux-gnu-gprof
 baobab                               expiry                    gst-device-monitor-1.0         lzmore                             pl2pm                       sotruss                          x86_64-linux-gnu-ld
 base32                               expr                      gst-discoverer-1.0             m2300w                             pldd                        spd-conf                         x86_64-linux-gnu-ld.bfd
 base64                               factor                    gst-inspect-1.0                m2300w-wrapper                     plog                        spd-say                
 basename                             faillog                   gst-launch-1.0                 m2400w                             plymouth                    speaker-test                     x86_64-linux-gnu-nm
 bash                                 faked-sysv                gst-play-1.0                   make                               pmap                        speech-dispatcher                x86_64-linux-gnu-objcopy
 bashbug                              faked-tcp                 gstreamer-codec-install        make-first-existing-target         pnm2ppa                     spice-vdagent                    x86_64-linux-gnu-objdump
 bc                                   fakeroot                  gst-typefind-1.0               mako-render                        pod2html                    splain                           x86_64-linux-gnu-pkg-config
 bccmd                                fakeroot-sysv             gtbl                           man                                pod2man                     split                            x86_64-linux-gnu-python2.7-config
 bdftopcf                             fakeroot-tcp              gtf                            mandb                              pod2text                    splitfont                        x86_64-linux-gnu-python2-config
 bdftruncate                          fallocate                 gtk-builder-tool               manpath                            pod2usage                   spotify                          x86_64-linux-gnu-python3.8-config
 bitmap                               false                     gtk-encode-symbolic-svg        man-recode                         podchecker                  sprof                            x86_64-linux-gnu-python3-config
 bluemoon                             fc-cache                  gtk-launch                     mapscrn                            podselect                   ss                               x86_64-linux-gnu-ranlib
 bluetoothctl                         fc-cat                    gtk-query-settings             mattrib                            poff                        ssh                              x86_64-linux-gnu-readelf
 bluetooth-sendto                     fc-conflist               gtk-update-icon-cache          mawk                               pon                         ssh-add                          x86_64-linux-gnu-size
 bmtoa                                fc-list                   gunzip                         mbadblocks                         POST                        ssh-agent                        x86_64-linux-gnu-strings
 boltctl                              fc-match                  gvfs-cat                       mcat                               ppdc                        ssh-argv0                        x86_64-linux-gnu-strip
 bootctl                              fc-pattern                gvfs-copy                      mcd                                ppdhtml                     ssh-copy-id                      x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-pkg-config
 brltty                               fc-query                  gvfs-info                      mcheck                             ppdi                        ssh-import-id                    xargs
 brltty-ctb                           fc-scan                   gvfs-less                      mclasserase                        ppdmerge                    ssh-import-id-gh                 xauth
 brltty-trtxt                         fc-validate               gvfs-ls                        mcomp                              ppdpo                       ssh-import-id-lp                 xbiff
 brltty-ttb                           fgconsole                 gvfs-mime                      mcookie                            pphs                        ssh-keygen                       xbrlapi
 broadwayd                            fgrep                     gvfs-mkdir                     mcopy                              pr                          ssh-keyscan                      xcalc
 browse                               file                      gvfs-monitor-dir               md5sum                             precat                      start-pulseaudio-x11             xclipboard
 bsd-from                             file2brl                  gvfs-monitor-file              md5sum.textutils                   preconv                     startx                           xclock
 bsd-write                            file-roller               gvfs-mount                     mdel                               preunzip                    stat                             xcmsdb
 btattach                             fincore                   gvfs-move                      mdeltree                           prezip                      static-sh                        xconsole
 btmgmt                               find                      gvfs-open                      mdig                               prezip-bin                  stdbuf                           xcursorgen
 btmon                                findmnt                   gvfs-rename                    mdir                               print                       strace                           xcutsel
 bunzip2                              firefox                   gvfs-rm                        mdu                                printafm                    strace-log-merge                 xdg-dbus-proxy
 busctl                               fish                      gvfs-save                        printenv                    strings                          xdg-desktop-icon
 busybox                              fish_indent               gvfs-set-attribute             mesg                               printerbanner               strip                            xdg-desktop-menu
 bwrap                                fish_key_reader           gvfs-trash                     mformat                            printer-profile             stty                             xdg-email
 bzcat                                flock                     gvfs-tree                      migrate-pubring-from-classic-gpg   printf                      stubgen                          xdg-icon-resource
 bzcmp                                fmt                       gzexe                          mimeopen                           prlimit                     su                               xdg-mime
 bzdiff                               fold                      gzip                           mimetype                           prove                       sudo                             xdg-open
 bzegrep                              fonttosfnt                h2ph                           min12xxw                           prtstat                     sudoedit                         xdg-screensaver
 bzexe                                foo2ddst                  h2xs                           minfo                              ps                          sudoreplay                       xdg-settings
 bzfgrep                              foo2ddst-wrapper          hbpldecode                     miniterm                           ps2ascii                    sum                              xdg-user-dir
 bzgrep                               foo2hbpl2                 hciattach                      mkdir                              ps2epsi                     symcryptrun                      xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update
 bzip2                                foo2hbpl2-wrapper         hciconfig                      mkfifo                             ps2pdf                      symilar                          xdg-user-dirs-update
 bzip2recover                         foo2hiperc                hcitool                        mkfontdir                          ps2pdf12                    sync                             xditview
 bzless                               foo2hiperc-wrapper        hd                             mkfontscale                        ps2pdf13                    syslinux                         xdpyinfo
 bzmore                               foo2hp                    head                           mkisofs                            ps2pdf14                    syslinux-legacy                  xdriinfo
 c++                                  foo2hp2600-wrapper        HEAD                           mkmanifest                         ps2pdfwr                    system-config-printer            xedit
 c89                                  foo2lava                  helpztags                      mk_modmap                          ps2ps                       system-config-printer-applet     Xephyr
 c89-gcc                              foo2lava-wrapper          hex2hcd                        mknod                              ps2ps2                      systemctl                        xev
 c99                                  foo2oak                   hexdump                        mksquashfs                         ps2txt                      systemd                          xeyes
 c99-gcc                              foo2oak-wrapper           hipercdecode                   mktemp                             psfaddtable                 systemd-analyze                  xfd
 cal                                  foo2qpdl                  host                           mkzftree                           psfgettable                 systemd-ask-password             xfontsel
 calendar                             foo2qpdl-wrapper          hostid                         mlabel                             psfstriptable               systemd-cat                      xgamma
 calibrate_ppa                        foo2slx                   hostname                       mmcli                              psfxtable                   systemd-cgls                     xgc
 canberra-gtk-play                    foo2slx-wrapper           hostnamectl                    mmd                                psicc                       systemd-cgtop                    xhost
 cancel                               foo2xqx                   hp-align                       mmount                             pslog                       systemd-delta                    xinit
 captoinfo                            foo2xqx-wrapper           hp-check                       mmove                              pstree                      systemd-detect-virt              xinput
 cat                                  foo2zjs                   hp-clean                       mokutil                            pstree.x11                  systemd-escape                   xkbbell
 catchsegv                            foo2zjs-icc2ps            hp-colorcal                    monitor-sensor                     ptar                        systemd-hwdb                     xkbcomp
 catman                               foo2zjs-pstops            hp-config_usb_printer          more                               ptardiff                    systemd-id128                    xkbevd
 cautious-launcher                    foo2zjs-wrapper           hp-doctor                      mount                              ptargrep                    systemd-inhibit                  xkbprint
 cc                                   foomatic-rip              hp-firmware                    mountpoint                         ptx                         systemd-machine-id-setup         xkbvleds
 cd-create-profile                    fprintd-delete            hp-info                        mousetweaks                        pulseaudio                  systemd-mount                    xkbwatch
 cd-fix-profile                       fprintd-enroll            hp-levels                      mpartition                         pwd                         systemd-notify                   xkeystone
 cd-iccdump                           fprintd-list              hp-logcapture                  mrd                                pwdx                        systemd-path                     xkill
 cd-it8                               fprintd-verify            hp-makeuri                     mren                               py3clean                    systemd-resolve                  xload
 c++filt                              free                      hp-pkservice                   mscompress                         py3compile                  systemd-run                      xlogo
 chacl                                from                      hp-plugin                      msexpand                           py3versions                 systemd-socket-activate          xlsatoms
 chage                                ftp                       hp-plugin-ubuntu               mshortname                         pyclean                     systemd-stdio-bridge             xlsclients
 chardet3                             funzip                    hp-probe                       mshowfat                           pycompile                   systemd-sysusers                 xlsfonts
 chardetect3                          fuser                     hp-query                       mt                                 pydoc                       systemd-tmpfiles                 xmag
 chattr                               fusermount                hp-scan                        mt-gnu                             pydoc2                      systemd-tty-ask-password-agent   xman
 chcon                                futurize                  hp-setup                       mtools                             pydoc2.7                    systemd-umount                   xmessage
 check-language-support               fwupdagent                hp-testpage                    mtoolstest                         pydoc3                      tabs                             xmodmap
 cheese                               fwupdate                  hp-timedate                    mtr                                pydoc3.8                    tac                              xmore
 chfn                                 fwupdmgr                  htop                           mtrace                             pygettext2                  tail                             Xorg
 chgrp                                fwupdtool                 hwe-support-status             mtr-packet                         pygettext2.7                tar                              xournal
 chmod                                fwupdtpmevlog             i386                           mtype                              pygettext3                  taskset                          xprop
 choom                                g++                       i686-linux-gnu-pkg-config      mutter                             pygettext3.8                tbl                              xqxdecode
 chown                                g++-9                     ibus                           mv                                 pygmentize                  tee                              xrandr
 chrome-gnome-shell                   gamemoded                 ibus-daemon                    mxtar                              pyjwt3                      telnet                           xrdb
 chrt                                 gamemoderun               ibus-setup                     mypy                               pylint                      telnet.netkit                    xrefresh
 chsh                                 gamma4scanimage           ibus-table-createdb            mzip                               pyreverse                   tempfile                         xsel
 chvt                                 gapplication              iceauth                        namei                              python                      test                             x-session-manager
 ciptool                              gatttool                  ico                            nano                               python2                     tgz                              xset
 ckbcomp                              gcalccmd                  iconv                          nautilus                           python2.7                   thunderbird                      xsetmode
 cksum                                gcc                       id                             nautilus-autorun-software          python2.7-config            tic                              xsetpointer
 clear                                gcc-9                     iecset                         nautilus-sendto                    python2-config              tificc                           xsetroot
 clear_console                        gcc-ar                    ijs_pxljr                      nawk                               python3                     time                             xsetwacom
 cmake                                gcc-ar-9                  im-config                      nc                                 python3.8                   timedatectl                      xsm
 cmp                                  gcc-nm                    im-launch                      ncal                               python3.8-config            timeout                          xstdcmap
 code                                 gcc-nm-9                  info                           nc.openbsd                         python3-config              tload                            xsubpp
 codepage                             gcc-ranlib                infobrowser                    ncurses5-config                    python3-futurize            toe                              x-terminal-emulator
 col                                  gcc-ranlib-9              infocmp                        ncurses6-config                    python3-pasteurize          top                              xvidtune
 colcrt                               gcore                     infotocap                      ncursesw5-config                   python-config               totem                            xvinfo
 colormgr                             gcov                      inputattach                    ncursesw6-config                   pyvenv                      totem-video-thumbnailer          Xwayland
 colrm                                gcov-9                    install                        neqn                               pyversions                  touch                            xwd
 column                               gcov-dump                 install-info                   netcat                             qpdldecode                  tput                             x-window-manager
 comm                                 gcov-dump-9               install-printerdriver          netkit-ftp                         quirks-handler              tr                               xwininfo
 compose                              gcov-tool                 instmodsh                      networkctl                         ranlib                      tracepath                        xwud
 corelist                             gcov-tool-9               intel-virtual-output           networkd-dispatcher                rbash                       traceroute6                      x-www-browser
 cp                                   gcr-viewer                ionice                         newgrp                             rcp                         traceroute6.iputils              xxd
 cpack                                gdb                       ip                             ngettext                           rctest                      tracker                          xz
 cpan                                 gdb-add-index             ipcmk                          nice                               rdiffdir                    transicc                         xzcat
 cpan5.30-x86_64-linux-gnu            gdbserver                 ipcrm                          nisdomainname                      rdma                        transmission-gtk                 xzcmp
 cpio                                 gdbtui                    ipcs                           nl                                 readelf                     transset                         xzdiff
 cpp                                  gdbus                     ipod-read-sysinfo-extended     nm                                 readlink                    troff                            xzegrep
 cpp-9                                gdialog                   ipod-time-sync                 nm-applet                          realpath                    true                             xzfgrep
 c_rehash                             gdk-pixbuf-csource        ippfind                        nmcli                              red                         truncate                         xzgrep
 crontab                              gdk-pixbuf-pixdata        ipptool                        nm-connection-editor               remmina                     trust                            xzless
 csplit                               gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer    iptables-xml                   nm-online                          remmina-file-wrapper        tset                             xzmore
 ctest                                gdmflexiserver            ischroot                       nmtui                              remmina-gnome               tsort                            yelp
 ctstat                               gdm-screenshot            isdv4-serial-debugger          nmtui-connect                      rename.ul                   ttfread                          yes
 cupstestppd                          gedit                     isdv4-serial-inputattach       nmtui-edit                         rendercheck                 tty                              ypdomainname
 curl                                 gencat                    isodump                        nmtui-hostname                     renice                      tzselect                         zcat
 cut                                  genisoimage               isoinfo                        nohup                              reset                       ua                               zcmp
 cvt                                  geqn                      isovfy                         notify-send                        resizecons                  ubuntu-advantage                 zdiff
 cvtsudoers                           GET                       ispell-wrapper                 nproc                              resizepart                  ubuntu-bug                       zdump
 dash                                 getconf                   join                           nroff                              resolvectl                  ubuntu-core-launcher             zegrep
 date                                 geteltorito               journalctl                     nsenter                            rev                         ubuntu-distro-info               zenity
 dbus-cleanup-sockets                 getent                    jpgicc                         nslookup                           rfcomm                      ubuntu-drivers                   zfgrep
 dbus-daemon                          getfacl                   json_pp                        nstat                              rgrep                       ubuntu-report                    zforce
 dbus-launch                          getkeycodes               kbdinfo                        nsupdate                           rhythmbox                   ubuntu-security-status           zgrep
 dbus-monitor                         getopt                    kbd_mode                       ntfs-3g                            rhythmbox-client            ucf                              zip
 dbus-run-session                     gettext                   kbxutil                        ntfs-3g.probe                      rlogin                      ucfq                             zipcloak
 dbus-send                                  kernel-install                 ntfscat                            rm                          ucfr                             zipdetails
 dbus-update-activation-environment   ghostscript               kerneloops-submit              ntfscluster                        rmdir                       ucs2any                          zipgrep
 dbus-uuidgen                         ginstall-info             keyring                        ntfscmp                            rnano                       udevadm                          zipinfo
 dc                                   gio                       kill                           ntfsdecrypt                        routef                      udisksctl                        zipnote
 dconf                                gio-querymodules          killall                        ntfsfallocate                      routel                      ul                               zipsplit
 dd                                   gipddecode                kmod                           ntfsfix                            rpcgen                      ulockmgr_server                  zjsdecode
 ddstdecode                           git                       kmodsign                       ntfsinfo                           rrsync                      umax_pp                          zless
 deallocvt                            git-receive-pack          l2ping                         ntfsls                             rsh                         umount                           zmore
 debconf                              git-shell                 l2test                         ntfsmove                           rst2html                    uname                            znew
 debconf-apt-progress                 git-upload-archive        laptop-detect                  ntfsrecover                        rst2html4                   unattended-upgrade               zsh
 debconf-communicate                  git-upload-pack           last                           ntfssecaudit                       rst2html5                   unattended-upgrades              zsh5
 debconf-copydb                       gjs                       lastb                          ntfstruncate                       rst2latex                   uncompress

Sorry about that, I know the output is ridiculously long, but that is the point I am trying to make. There are so many commands, so trying to remember them all at this point is quite useless. Your best bet is to do a quick Google search and see which command is best for your use case. Sometimes you don’t even have the command available and will have to install it through your package manager, but that is a different topic for another article.


There are so many flags for each command, how am I supposed to know what they do? Do I have to do a Google search each time? Maybe. But I would recommend trying to read the manual, before doing that. You can read the manual for the command by typing man <name of command> and getting a nice overview of what it can do. For example, when trying to find all the different ways we can list the contents of our directory, just try man ls:

❯ man ls
LS(1)                                                                                                         User Commands                                                                                                         LS(1)

       ls - list directory contents

       ls [OPTION]... [FILE]...

       List information about the FILEs (the current directory by default).  Sort entries alphabetically if none of -cftuvSUX nor --sort is specified.

       Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

       -a, --all
              do not ignore entries starting with .
... (This goes on for a bit, to exit it, just hit q on your keyboard)

Opening Files

As mentioned before, Linux is extension-agnostic, but normally people are nice enough to leave them in anyways. To open text files, there are many different commands that you can use:


cat is a simple command that will spit out the contents of your file onto the terminal screen:

cat test.txt
Hello, World!

However this can prove to be a little cumbersome when your files contain thousands of lines like banana.txt:

cat banana.txt
#datatype measurement,dateTime:RFC3339,double,double,double,double,double
... (literally continues for 50,000+ lines)


To fix this problem, we can use the less command which will show the text in a scrollable screen where you can exit by pressing the q key.

There are other alternatives to these commands and some will work better than others in certain situations, but this will be your job to figure it out when the time comes.

Running Programs

So lets say I have a program that is supposed to be executable from the folder because it is a shell script or a compiled program but is not in one of the directories shown in echo $PATH, how am I supposed execute it? Well I am very glad you asked such a specific question 😉. The behavior of these programs will largely depend on the environment in which they run and the types of programs they are. If it is a program that is meant to be run through the terminal, executing it in the shell will cause the programs output to be placed on the terminal screen until the program’s execution is finished. However, if you are trying to run a graphical program, you should take the following into account:

  • Am I running a headless instance? (When I turn the computer on, am I greeted by the shell and not a GUI)
  • Am I connected to a remote shell? (Did I use ssh to connect to a remote computer?)
  • Am I using a terminal emulator inside of a desktop environment? (Did I click on a program that is called Terminal?)

If you are using one of the first two options, running a graphical program WILL NOT WORK (there is an x flag that you can use for ssh, but that is a different discussion for a different article.)

If you are using the last option, executing a graphical program will have some interesting advantages. You most likely will be able to see debug statements scroll across the terminal screen as the program runs in a separate window.

Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, executing a program is still the same across the board. ./ is prepended to the name of the executable you are trying to run. Alternatively, you can use sh followed by the program in the folder or its path as the argument.

❯ ./
Hello World!
❯ sh
Hello World!


Inevitably, when you try to run a program, you will encounter the dreaded error:

❯ ./
zsh: permission denied: ./

There are several routes you can take when you encounter this issue.


sudo is the command you run when you want to execute a program as administrator, or to make the superuser do it. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS!!! When you do something as superuser in a Linux system, there is no undoing this unless you have implemented your own fail-safe. You can RUIN your entire system if you are not careful.

The next option requires a little knowledge on how file permissions work. As this is an extensive topic that probably deserves an article of its own, I will suggest a quick fix and write another article if one is desired.


chmod is a tool which allows you to edit the file permissions of any program which can be seen by executing ls -l . You can refer to some of the links below to decipher what they mean, but what we need to do is add the argument +x in order to add execution privileges.

❯ ./
zsh: permission denied: ./
❯ chmod +x
❯ ./
Hello World!


With this brief introduction, you are well on your way to breaking in that new distro of yours. Learning the shell may have a steep learning curve at first, but its effects are long lasting. The benefits come from the common struggle between perception and experience. A good user interface makes a system usable based on the user’s perception. Things such as double-clicking, windows, and countless specialized tools allow a person to intuit there way through a project, bringing a minimal amount of discomfort. Conversely, when the user chooses to embrace discomfort and use a less intuitive interface such as the shell, they will gain experience with a tool that will allow them to become the master of their system and gain much tangential understanding along the way.

Helpful Resources

File Permissions in Linux/Unix: How to Read/Write & Change?

Linux Tutorial

(More to come as suggested, just leave a comment below!)